Friday, 24 February 2012

Weight Resistance

Can you lose weight at home? I have about 100 pounds to lose and I really want to lose 50 pounds at home first before going to the gym. Is it possible to lose that much at home doing workout videos, using an elliptical, and a cycling bike? I will also be eating more healthy. I'm just afraid that I won't lose a lot of weight because I'm not in a gym.

Yes, of course you can! You don’t NEED the gym, but I find that working out in a place like that, around people who are working out, is more motivational. All you really need to lose weight and live healthy is yourself.You can lose 50 pounds by the middle of June if you really try. A healthy diet, cardio, and weight resistance (your workout videos) will do just that. Make sure you are in between a healthy calorie range. The more muscle you gain, the more you’ll burn. And make sure you are drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, things like that effect your metabolism a lot. You can do it (: read more..

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