Monday, 7 May 2012

Body Fat Percentage-Unhealthy Foods

   Excuse my ugly-ish self. This was me about 3 years ago (10th...

Excuse my ugly-ish self. This was me about 3 years ago (10th grade) when I ate heaps of unhealthy foods and weighed about 118 pounds. I now weight 10 lbs less than that, at about 108 lbs. I didn’t intentionally lose weight. It happened from eating less in general (but still more than enough and still plenty of junk), then from eating less unhealthy and fast food, then from accidentally not eating enough for a week or a few last year while trying to get my IBS under control (I didn’t notice it until being weighed at the docs), and I am now at a healthy weight for my body, eating a plentiful, healthy diet.   After seeing this, I realized why there seems to be more concern for my need to eat more cheeseburgers. I see why I get more comments about how thin I am now, as opposed to before I’d lost the weight and got healthy. I mean, I knew I slimmed down a bit. I lost a bit in my thighs and in my face, but that’s all I could really notice. I did wonder where all that weight went. 10 pounds might not be much for some of you but it’s different for my body. I’d be in the double digits if I lost another 10. Seeing this… I definitely see the change. I didn’t realize how much thinner my stomach had gotten. Yes, I am sitting slouched over in this photo so it makes my stomach look the way it does (I feel like someone would have something to say about that so I’m explaining before I hear about it). But sitting like that now, I have tiny “rolls” and a much smaller pooch, my stomach is thinner from the side now, in my arms a bit, and I can see the bits of fat even on my sides in this photo (like underneath the bikini strap).   It’s just a bit crazy to think that was my body. I can’t imagine myself looking that way now. All I see in that photo is how unhealthy I was. I am much healthier at this lower weight that I am at, even if some of my bones show more and I have a lower body fat percentage. All of the fat in the photo above came from nothing but junk food. So, I just thought I’d share with you all what I used to look like before I was healthy and at my highest weight, and talk about it a bit. read more..

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