Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Mental Disorders

     In other news, I decided to go through some new followers’ blogs and then clicked one...

In other news, I decided to go through some new followers’ blogs and then clicked one blog link from one of those because of the scary url and… well, now I am sad because the urls are about starving themselves. I hope you all know that the abc diet, purging, starving… none of those things work. If you want real, lasting results, if you want to be happy with your body… a healthy lifestyle is 100% what you need. I mean, think about it. I know eating disorders are mental disorders and these things are tough, but plenty of people have beaten theirs and that doesn’t mean you (those of you with problems like this) can’t. What truly sounds more effective… not eating, throwing up the food, eating like a bird, and hurting your body… or eating healthy, whole foods that nourish your body and give it strength to be what it’s meant to be. Nature intended us to eat these foods. If you believe in any god(s), then you know he/she/them put these things here for a reason, and that reason is for us to eat them. Not that any of what I’m saying really matters. You may read it, you may not, but I hope you really read this and not just look at it and feel hopeless or in denial.     I know some of you who follow me are struggling with ed’s and ed behavior, and if you ever need someone to talk to, to rant to, to come to for advice… I am here. I don’t just say that to be nice and even if you wrote to me every day telling me what happened, what you might have accomplished with getting better, your entire ed story, anything. It won’t bother or annoy me. If you want to tell me about the other girl you saw with the perfect body and how fat you think you are, talk to me. I know I don’t have any experience dealing with ed’s, but I can still try to help and I can direct you to people who have struggled with and have overcome their ed’s. If you truly do need help losing weight or having a leaner/more tuned figure, message me! I can and will help you. This sort of turned into a rant, but I’m serious. Going on blogs and seeing these things seriously makes me sad. This is something that I want to help people with. I want you all to be happy, ed or not. I am here for all of you. read more..

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