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Grapefruit Seed Extract-Benefits Of Grapefruit-Grapefruit Juice-Breast Cancer-Heart Disease

myjournalofhealth:Benefits of GrapefruitHeart and Anti...

myjournalofhealth:Benefits of Grapefruit
Heart and Anti Inflammatory Benefits
Grapefruit is very rich in Vitamin C, a nutrient that has been shown to alleviate cold symptoms and improve immune function. In addition to being an immunity-booster, the Vitamin C found in grapefruit has also been proven to help with chronic inflammatory conditions like arthritis and asthma. Adding grapefruit to your diet also promotes heart health and helps to prevent death risk from stroke and heart disease by decreasing inflammation, blood clotting, and acting as an anti-oxidant. Antioxidants discourage decay and death at a cellular level by inhibiting the absorption of oxygen.
Cancer Fighting Benefits
Grapefruit contains limonoids, which are chemical compounds that are known to fight different types of cancers, and there are compounds in grapefruit pulp that can help prevent breast cancer. Tobacco smoke contains cancer-causing agents that are activated by certain enzyme activity; this is reduced by daily consumption of grapefruit juice, which is a powerful anti-oxidant, which helps lower the risks of colon and lung cancers. The primary defense mechanism of the body against cancer is DNA repair, a process which is aided by Naringenin, a flavonoid concentrated in grapefruit.
Natural Disinfectant
In addition to the many grapefruit benefits that are provided by consuming the actual flesh of the fruit, grapefruit seed extract has been proven as an excellent disinfectant because it effectively eliminates germs. It is one of the most effective antimicrobial agents to be discovered and also acts as a natural disinfectant. As it has virtually none of the toxicity of other cleaning products, it has already been put to use in some American hospitals. It can be used around the home for safely cleaning chopping boards, cooking utensils and even your toothbrush on occasion.
Non-Toxic Rome Remedy
Grapefruit seed extract is a safe, non-toxic remedy for a variety of different pesky conditions such as dandruff, warts, and corns. It works to eliminate head lice and mites when other products fail, and can even be used on pets for skin conditions such as mange, fleas or to treat certain infections. Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) can also be used against water and food borne illnesses such as diarrhea and dysentery when traveling, and in the garden as a bug spray or to remove mold and fungus. Grapefruit benefits the skin, too, as a topical anti-acne remedy and aromatherapy agent. (x) read more..

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